Happy Father’s Day

I haven’t been able to blog for a few weeks because I am in the process of moving into my new home, but I hope no one minds if I share last year’s Father’s Day post in honor of my dad, Dean Hyde.

A Goode One


Early one Sunday morning a month or so before I married the Big Guy, my father showed up at my place with a box of doughnuts. And when I say “early”, I mean “before 7:00”.  Really early.  Too damn early to be conscious on a Sunday morning.

Especially since the Big Guy had stayed the night.

Now I realize it really wasn’t all that scandalous, not in this day and age.  Especially not since we were both well into our twenties and our wedding was literally weeks away.  But I don’t think any father wants to accept the fact that his little girl is no longer a blushing virgin; and no woman looks forward to the confirming that fact to her daddy.

I immediately went into panic mode and told the Big Guy to sneak out the back door.

“But he’ll see me.”

“Then hide in the bedroom until he…

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One response

  1. This I think was one of the most lovely tributes I read yesterday. Thank you for re-sharing so I had the opportunity to read it.


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