Hey look, it’s my fifteen minutes of fame!

Thank you to Essa Alroc for making me look good, and for being such a great role model.

Essa On Everything

AJ Pic

Subject – A.J. Goode of A Good One

Location – some bushes outside a townhouse in London, England


I crouch down on the ground, being sure to stay out of sight as A.J. and I go through the inventory for tonight’s adventure. She picks up a carton of eggs and pops it open to make sure we have a full dozen.

“I have to say, I was skeptical when you wanted to come all the way to England to do my interview, but now, I’m pretty sure this is the best interview ever!”

I check my duffel bag and count out the rolls of toilet paper. Another even dozen. We are going to destroy this bitch’s house. “I know,” I peer up at a window on the second floor. “Now we just have to wait for her to go to sleep.”

A.J. snorts. “She’ll probably be up all night…

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