Well, That Happened

I woke up this morning determined to write something happy for a change.  After a long series of depressing, soul-baring posts, I vowed to blog about something a bit cheerier before my followers all end up in need of anti-depressants.  Today, I promised, I would write in response to the Daily Prompt, no matter what it was.

So here’s todays’s Daily Prompt:

Unexpectedly, you lose your job (or a loved one, or something or someone important to you).  What do you do next?


Seriously, come on, guys.

How in the hell am I supposed to put an upbeat twist on that?  I can talk about loss.  Sometimes I feel like all I ever talk about is losing people and things.  In less than three years, I have lost my job, my career, my mobility, my marriage, my home, my self-esteem and at times, my will to live.

Okay, so, what do I do next?  Survive, apparently.  I’m going to play with today’s topic a little bit and turn it into “What did you do next?”

  1.  I got mad.  In each case, with each loss, I got really pissed off.  At the Van Buren County Road Commission, at my husband, at life, at God.
  2. I cried.  A lot.
  3. I talked about it.  And talked.  And wrote.  And talked and wrote some more.  I talked about writing about it.  I wrote about talking about it.  I watched people’s eyes glaze over and still talked about it some more.
  4. I ate a lot.
  5. I cried some more.
  6. I threw up a lot.
  7. I laughed.  At some really inappropriate things during some very awkward moments.  I made stupid, tasteless jokes about my situation, and I laughed until I cried.  Then I laughed at myself for crying, and I thanked God for the sense of humor that is my source of strength.
  8. I made plans, and I swallowed my pride long enough to call on my friends for help with those plans.  Like my mom used to say, there comes a time when one must “shit or get off the pot”.
  9. I took the high road whenever possible.  Hurt like hell sometimes, but I did it.
  10. I repeated 1-9, in no particular order.  Over and over and over.

I had all kinds of quotes I wanted to use here.  Brainy stuff.  Deep, philosophical stuff.  Goethe, Frost, Tennyson.  I even had a great one from Dolly Parton.  But the best thing anyone has ever said about dealing with loss comes from Dr. Seuss:

Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.

Yup.  I’d say that sums it all up pretty well.  Smiles, everyone. Smiles.



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