Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal


A.J. Goode may be fat, fifty, and menopausal, but that doesn’t stop her from finding humor in life’s imperfections. She confronts middle age with amusement and brutal honesty in this collection of essays on hot flashes, weight gain, dating after fifty, and more.

If you’re a woman facing middle age, you’re no longer alone. You just may recognize yourself in some of the situations in this book, although you may not want to admit to some of the more embarrassing ones. Don’t miss this entertaining journey that will take you through everything from speeding tickets to spicy foods, with side trips into sensible shoes and a bad case of “Memory Fog.”

Also available in paperback and Audible, featuring fabulous narration by the one and only Ginger Cucolo. Her delightful southern twang and perfect sense of comedic timing bring my words to life in a way I could never have imagined.

Have a Goode One


“Aunt Verna believed that douching with warm Pepsi could prevent pregnancy, so all pop served to teenage girls in that house was served on ice . . . As teenagers, my sisters and I loved to come home from dates and make a big show of pouring ourselves a big, tall glass of warm Pepsi, just to mess with her mind.”

Michigan author A.J. Goode shares this and other memories of her quirky family and small town life in this collection of essays and funny stories. She tackles issues like obnoxious football moms, excitable body parts, and skinny-dipping disasters, as well as hilarious instructions on how to pitch a tent with a man and how to flush a toilet during a power outage.

This book contains a delightful blend of musings on parenting, country life and family, with a bit of nostalgia and opinion thrown into the mix. Goode’s slightly twisted views on life and the world in general will lift your spirits and leave you smiling.

Also available in  paperback.


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